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Dental Technology

It may seem obvious that technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives, but have you consider what technology can for your mouth?  Dental technology can detect and solve a relatively minor issues that if overlooked could turn into major and more expensive issues later. 


Intraoral Camera used to dectect and prevent dental problems at Keystone Dental

Our state of the art digital x-ray machine gives Keystone Dental the ability to look at your teeth in far more detail than conventional x-rays..  Combine that with our hi-resolution intraoral camera and we will leave nothing to chance with the healthy of your mouth!

Early detection and repair of issues like cavities, decay and other problems can save you from  an uncomfortable and more invasive procedure in the future.  Not only that, it can save you money too.  As the old saying goes: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

While technology can help you with normal oral health and maintenance, it can also brighten your smile!  Keystone Dental Group utilizes the Zoom 1 hour teeth whitening system that will have your smile looking better in record time.