To Flouride or not to Fluoride?

It seems to be a controversial subject these days. But the question remains: Is fluoride safe for my family? Fortunately we have over 50 years of scientific study on Fluoride and it’s effects on the human body.  

Consistently studies have shown that fluoride is highly effective at lowering the rate of tooth decay or (caries) when used at levels that are well below the observed levels of toxicity. 

To ensure you and your family are receiving healthy amounts of Fluoride, be aware of where your family is coming into contact with Fluoride.

  1. Is it in your water?  If you get your drinking water from a city or a municipality, they publish reports of what is in the water for the public to see.  Contact your local water authority for details.
  2. Is it in your toothpaste? Many toothpastes include Fluoride, but there are a growing number of toothpastes that are free of the additive.
  3. Is it being applied at your dentist office? As an added measure of dental protection, some dental offices will offer to apply a concentrated dose of Fluoride to a patients teeth under the supervision of a trained professional.

The levels of Fluoride that one generally comes into contact with throughout normal daily life, rates of exposure are generally well below the observed toxic levels.  If you feel that you, or your family are exposed to too many fluoride sources consult your dentist or your health care professional for more information.